A Godly Home



Hi lovely people, I hope you all had an amazing and wonderful week? Before I jump right into the blog I want to encourage you and let you that this is not a year for regrets, or shoulda woulda couldas, this is a year to forget the things that are behind and press unto the new blessings that God has in store for us. It is a year to get hyped and encouraged to start that business, that career, that degree, without looking back, and without caring about what friends or family think. Do not let the myopic picture people have about you stop or even discourage you from being the best that you can be.

Okay, enough of that sermon (hahahaahaa). What do you guys think makes a godly home? I believe there are many factors that build up to turn a normal and ordinary home into a godly one, some of which I will enumerate below.

  1. Fear of God: Before going into any detail, you all will agree with me that having God as the supreme ruler of a home makes a whole lot of difference. Now, I have been to quite a number of homes and I can immediately tell when a couple is pursuing the heart of Jesus. When a couple fears the Lord, the way they treat each other is different because they see each other through the eyes of Christ. Does it mean arguments are absent? Not all, it only means they allow the Holy Spirit to humble them so they can resolve such issues easily.
  2. Priest: Every godly home has a priest that rules over its affairs, making sure things are done in the right way. Our God is a God of order, and that was why He created the man first and gave him authority over the garden before making the woman. Every man has a priestly role to play in their marriage, God has given men that responsibility. Some shy away from it, and that is why in many homes today the women are the ones who call for prayers, bible study, and fasts for the family. Now I’m not saying it is wrong for women to do all of that, because it is absolutely important for women to pray for their home. All I’m saying is that men are the touch bearers of spirituality in the home. Men ought to take the baton and stop shifting this important role to their wives.
  3.  Submission: I know people don’t like to hear this word, especially my feminist sisters. Well, it is what it is. If you want to have a godly home, then submission is key. I know that when we say submission, peoples automatically think of women, but submission doesn’t just apply to women alone, husbands also ought to submit to their wives. Speaking to husbands and wives, Paul urged the Ephesians in chapter 5:21, saying ” Submit yourselves to one another out of reverence for Christ. We all know Jesus was a very humble person when He was on earth, he lived to serve people, His was a life of pure service to humanity, He cared deeply about the problems of others and often went out of His way to solve them, and He served willingly and not reluctantly. The Apostle Paul meant the same thing when he urged couples to submit to one another; He was simply saying husbands and wives should serve each other willingly and lovingly, not because they have to, but to the glory of God. So a godly home is that home where both parties are ready to humbly submit, not just the wife.
  4. Love: Have you ever walked into a home and immediately felt at home and loved? God is love, so a godly home should be a home where love is not absent.  Love is usually very evident at the beginning of most marriages, however, many tend to fall short of it as time progresses. You will agree with me that when people get married they tend to be so much into each other, but as time passes, we kind of adjust ourselves, become so accustomed to our significant other that if time is not taken, that love that brought you two together in the first place will quietly take a walk, in situations like this what is left is just love for the children shared by the couple. Now we all know that no one goes into marriage with a bulky dossier of how to keep love aflame until old age, but their are secrets to making this a reality. There are secrets to keeping that love burning, our own secret is the Holy Spirit. I often pray for Him to teach us how to love and keep loving each other no matter what. He teaches us everything because we have allowed Him to reign over our lives and our home. Apart from the love couples have for each other and their children, a godly home should have the love of God exuding from it, such that people who just spend time in it cannot help but feel it.
  5. Order: I was reading the book of Exodus today, I believe from the 27th chapter, and I just started reflecting on the perfection of our God. He is a God of order and precision; He gave very accurate and detailed instructions about the measurement of the tabernacle and even the design for the robes of the high priests. We serve a God who is organized so I believe every godly home should be pretty organized. The popular proverb “Cleanliness is next to godliness”, was used by John Wesley in one of his sermons. I totally am of the opinion that a place that welcomes the presence of God should be neat and organized. So what makes a home is not the size, the furniture or how expensive it is.
  6. Peace: A godly home should always exude peace. The word of God says we should pursue peace at all times. Having misunderstandings every now and then in any relationship is inevitable, however when it becomes a habit for a couple to have disagreements, then peace flies away like a bird.

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading. Please leave your comments below, let me know what you would add to this list.

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